Posted by: Ryder Diaz | January 8, 2012

A Darker Shade of Green? Solar Energy in the Mojave

Transmission lines are an increasingly prominent feature in the desert landscape. Photo courtesy Kara Moore.



This story explores the potential effects that solar energy developments have on the environment and how scientists and the State of California are working to mitigate those effects. It aired on KDVS‘ (90.3 fm) Local Dirt radio show on January 9, 2012.

CLICK HERE to listen to “A Darker Shade of Green?”

For more information on the State of California’s plan to manage desert ecosystems, visit the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan.



Desert plants are generally small as a way to adapt to the heat and limited water availability.

A pink Mimulus mohavensis nestled among the rocks. Photo courtesy Kara Moore.

The White Margined Beardtongue, Penstemon albomarginatus occurs in fragile dune habitat. Photo courtesy Kara Moore.

The Mojave desert tortoise is a federally listed endangered species.

Dr. Brian Todd and his team perform their experiments in rearing desert tortoises in these outdoor enclosures. Fences and nets keep predators out. Photo courtesy Brian Todd.

A juvenile tortoise living in a protected enclosure where it will remain for the first several years of its life, safe from predators. Photo courtesy Brian Todd.


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