Posted by: Ryder Diaz | March 31, 2012

Bug Bytes: Xylocopa californica

Take a peek into the nest of a carpenter bee!



  1. How cool! I’m really bummed that I can’t go to the Bee Course this year.

    • Well, hopefully you got a little taste of the course here. Thanks for watching!

  2. […] you’re interested in hearing Ryder’s full piece on Xylocopa californica, complete with awesome photos of scientists, bees, …. Enjoy five minutes of distilled sciency goodness. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the […]

  3. Reblogged this on Diadasia and commented:
    Ryder Diaz was the student who had my desk before me. He studied stem nesting bees and was even thoughtful enough to leave a few paper tubes (used to line the holes in “bee blocks,” in which these bees nest) in one of my desk drawers.
    Ryder is no longer with us, but he has left behind a superb legacy of science communication for me to follow. Take this piece about carpenter bees, the largest of the stem nesters, that Ryder created. Beautiful and informative photos, not to mention the Jad Abumrad-worthy narration.
    Best of luck on your current endeavors, Ryder! If you ever decide to come back I’ll be keeping your seat warm for you…

    • Thank you, Rei for your generous words. You can check out the blog for some of the writing coming out of my new science communication program at UCSC. I hope all is going well in Davis. I hope Neal told you about the big box of tubes that live in the lab that I left behind. Also, I hope I didn’t leave too big of a mess for you. 🙂

      • Thanks for the link to your blog; I will be sure to check it out. Neal didn’t tell me about the box of tubes, but I’m sure they will all get used. Hope all is well in Santa Cruz!

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